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cGrate International was established in 2008 with a vision to become a globally recognized partner that extends telco value added services and provides the link between business and mobile phone users worldwide. With this vision, cGrate became the biggest electronic voucher distributor in Zambia.

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cGrate is currently in; Ethiopia, Ghana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa (Head Office).

cGrate has evolved over the years, with a redefined vision that involves 3 parties:

  1. The Consumer
  2. The Merchant
  3. The Issuer

Our Vision & Brand Ethos

cGrate’s vision is to become the biggest processor of payments across the African continent by connecting consumers, merchants and issuers. In order to achieve this momentous vision, cGrate is currently partnering with Issuers across the African continent and onboarding merchants for various payments.

cGrate’s brand ethos are; customer centricity and convenience. As a result cGrate’ s products and operations are centered around the two characteristics.

  1. Customer centricity - providing solutions that address our African challenges
  2. Convenience - providing solutions that improve lives through convenience



Simon Chikumbu

Simon Chikumbu

Mr. Chikumbu has a career spanning over 35 years as a Senior Business Executive in insurance. He joined the board in March 2012 and has been a key advisor, bringing experience, maturity and valuable relationships. He is currently serving as Chairman of Aon Re Africa and is on the boards of other companies . Mr. Chikumbu is an engineer by training but spent most of his working career in reinsurance.

Kelvin Chikomo

Kelvin Chikomo
Co-Founder, Managing Director

Kelvin co-founded cGrate in August 2008 with Rufaro Mapanda. Prior to starting cGrate, Kelvin implemented mobile banking solutions in Africa and in Eastern Europe. Whilst working in these regions, Kelvin accumulated vast experience in the telecoms and banking sectors. Kelvin holds a BSc (Honours) Computer Sciences from University of Cape Town (UCT). Kelvin is very passionate about improving and enriching the well-being of Africans through convenient services, something that is evident in the services and products offered by cGrate.

Sandra Mutyambizi

Sandra Mutyambizi
Financial Director

Sandra holds a post graduate diploma in Accounting and Finance from the University of Liverpool and a member of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants. She joined cGrate in 2012 and has proved to be a valuable asset. Sandra is a Financial Accounting enthusiast, striving for the economical use of resources, and prudent reporting of the same.

Rufaro Mapanda

Rufaro Mapanda
Co-Founder, Non-Executive Director

Rufaro graduated with a Business Science (Honours) in Finance, Economics and Statistics from the University of Cape Town. During his academic career he was nominated to and attended the Global Young Leaders Conference hosted in Washington and New York. He was also elected and selected to South Africa's Top 100 Brightest Young Minds. Rufaro has worked at various world class institutions including Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Barclays, Investec, ABSA and Standard Bank. Rufaro is an African Renaissance believer and dedicates his time and efforts to the peoples of Africa and their eventual and inevitable rise.

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